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Replacing a missing tooth

Why Is it important to replace a missing tooth?

The stability of natural dentition results from all the teeth touching one another, supporting one another and sharing the chewinf effort. When one tooth is lost, the one facing becomes useless and then attempts to recover the lost tooth ans function by moving toward the oppositeempty space. The root then becomes exposed to free air and the tooth will be more sensitive to cold, sweet food and touch.

In addition, food will tend to be lodged between unequal teeth and to cause tooth decay or periodontitis (bone and gum disease).

The molar next to the lost tooth will move by sliding and leaning forward, making dental maintenance more difficult and causing bone and gum inflammation. So over the years, a single unreplaced tooth amy lead to the loss of neighbouring ones. The remaining teeth, overloaded and destabilized, will also begin to move, and this process will worsen until the gradual disappearance of the dentition and bone structure.

Whatever the number of lost teeth, implantology can restore all of the mouth' functions and good natural appearance.

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