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A few statistics

For various reasons, many people have lost their teeth and the bone stimulation the latter provided. More tahn twenty million North Americans are completely toothless in either or both jaws.

  • This number rises to forty million if we cinsider everyone who is missing several teeth.
  • Therefore, more tahn one out of three adults 35 years of age and over is compelled to replace missing teeth.
  • Various scientific studies have resulted in a reliable treatment with a success rate of 95 to 99%, depending on the density of the jaw bone where the implant is fastned.
  • More and more people are opting for this solution. As an indication, in 2007 more than 1.6 million implants have been placed in patients across the world.


University of Berne Study

Study on the satisfaction of patients who had received an implant treatment 10 years previously on average.

Pjetursonn BE, Karoussis I, Bürgin W, Brägger U, Lang NP.

Clin. Oral Impl. Res 16,2005;185-193.


5 to 15 years (average of 10 years) after receiving a dental implant treatment, 105 patients answered a questionnaire on theur level of satisfaction with that rehabilitation:

  • 97 % of patients were satisfied or very satisfied with the chewing fiunction and comfort obtained.
  • 96 % were satisfied or very satisfied with the phonetics and aesthetics
  • 93 % experienced no problem with dental hygiene.
  • 92 % were completely satisfied with the treatment
  • 94 % would recommanded the same treatment
  • 89 % would recommanded the treatment to their friends or family
  • 87 % considered the cost of the treatment reasonable.


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