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Nowadays, in the medical fiels, the use of implants is common and offers a remarkable rate of succes.

Dental implantIn improving hearing and sight, or replacing an organ or a joint, implants offer hope to many people living with body dysfunctions. In the dental field, implantology has progressed considerably. It provides functional ans esthetic solutions to those who, unfortunately, have lost one or more teeth, and to those feeling the discomfort of dental prothesis that no longer holds.


Why implantology?

Nowadays we're fortunate to have an effective alternative solution for problems experienced by toothless people, to help them overcome that difficult handicap. With dental implants, those people will again be able to smile, express themselves and present  [ ... ]

Replacing a missing tooth

Why Is it important to replace a missing tooth?

 [ ... ]

A few statistics

For various reasons, many people have lost their teeth and the bone stimulation the latter provided. More tahn twenty million North Americans are completely toothless in either or both jaws. [ ... ]

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