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Why implantology?

Nowadays we're fortunate to have an effective alternative solution for problems experienced by toothless people, to help them overcome that difficult handicap. With dental implants, those people will again be able to smile, express themselves and present themselves in public with self-confidence, fully enjoy the pleasures of the table and maintain a younger facial appearance

For one or more missing teeth

The advantages of opting for implants

  • Avoids removable structures such as partial or complete prostheses
  • Fosters self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Preserves the size of adjacent teeth and avoids the risks of additional treatments, in contrast to a fixed bridge
  • Reduces discomfort dur to unstable prostheses, to chewing and digestive problems, and thus improves general health
  • Makes it possible to preserve and stimulate bone volume, for a younger appearance

Our Dental Implants

Removable partial prosthesis

The removable partial prosthesis:

has the disavantage of being very cumbersome in replacingone or more teeth. Like the fixed bridge and conventional butterfly bridge, it does not stimulate the surroounding bone, which gradually disappears.



Conventional fixed bridge

The conventional fixed bridge:

in the majority of cases, is comfortable, sold and durable. However, when the adjacent teeth are perfectly intact, the decision often becomes more difficult for the patient to make because they must be reduced in size to serve the support.



Butterfly bridge

The butterfly bridge:

is sometimes a valid solution, though less durable. In this case, the replacement tooth is fastened by the wings to the back of adjacent teeth. Its application is however relatively restricted.

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