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Dental care financial plan

Easy, flexible (penalty-free), confidential financing plan offered on request. A solution offered by the Nation Bank and your dentist


Another solution is available to you: medical expense tax credits.

You can apply for non-refundable tax credit if you have paid medical expenses exceeding 3% of your net income (line 275 of your tax return). If you had a spouse at December 31 , you must add your spouse's net income to your own.

The medical expenses must have been paid during a period of 12 consecutive months for:

  • yourself
  • your spouse
  • or a dependent of yours

Period of 12 consecutive months

To be eligible for the medical expenses tax credit, the expenses must have been paidduring a period of 12 consecutive months that you have chosen and that ends in the year concerned by the application.

If the period you choose is different from the calendar year, you must mention this in your tax return. From one year to the next, you can choose the period most advantageous to you, so long as it does not overlap a period chosen previously.

For more information, see the instructions for line 381 in the Guide to the Income tax return     (TP-1.G.)

For the list of all eligible medical expenses, consult the document titled Medical Expenses      (IN-130)



If you apply for a medical expense tax credit, you may also, under certain conditions, be eligible for a refundable tax credit for the same medical expenses. For more information, see point 1 of the instructions for line 462 in the TP-1.G guide.

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