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Dsicover the stages of two treatements offered by the Centre d'implantologie Dr. Jean-François Bélanger

Two treatment options

Centre d’implantologie dentaire offers two implant dentistry treatment options in Laval. Dr. Jean-François Bélanger can perform two kinds of dental implant procedures, both aiming to give our patients the best possible treatment. Our team of dental health professionals has the expertise needed to lay single implants or implants for a completely toothless arch. Feel free to get in touch with us to book an appointment - we will gladly assess your dental situation and guide you towards the right treatment based on your dental implant needs.


Support throughout the treatment

To learn more about our solutions, please refer to the different stages of a single implant treatment and of implants for a completely toothless arch. Our multidisciplinary team of dental surgeons will do everything it can to deliver a customer service experience that goes beyond your expectations and will guide you every step of the treatment. Call us today to see what we can do for you! 


Our Treatments

Single Implant

This treatment consists of replacing an isolated tooth by means of an implant, so that the abrasion of adjacent teeth is not necessary [ ... ]

Implants a completely toothless arch

This treatment consits of replacing several teeth. [ ... ]

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