The bonne cells take three or our months to multiply and adhere to the implants with perfect integration.

Obviously, during that period, the patient can wear his prostheses, so that his work and social life are not disturbed.

After the healing period, which varies according to the bone's initial quality and the implant's location, the abutments may be placed. This intervention, without anaesthesia, consits of removing the cover screw and placing an extension there called the final abutment or transgingival connector, thus creating a link between implant ant tooth. At this stage, by means of x-rays, the dentist verifies whether the implants adhere perfectly to the bone and whether the abutments are fastened precisely to the implants. Nowadays, the healing abutments are placed on the same day as the implants, which avoids a second surgery, but more precautions must be taken during the initial healing period.


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