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Placement of the crown (tooth)

Now that solid anchoring has been obtained, the tim has to shape the tooth.

After the implant has integrated the bone well, we are ready to take aprint, in order to have the final crown shaped in the laboratory. The appointment takes about twenty minutes, simply to ensure that the bone has regenerated well around the implant and to take the print.

The last appointment consists of placing the fianl implant crown. It is essentialthat the occlusion be perfect and that the patient be comfortable, as for a natural tooth. This last appointment also takes twenty minutes and hygiene recommandations are given to the patient.

When the impant is in the anterior area, it is essential to place a temporary crown. We wait a few days after surgery so that the swelling of soft tissues has time to decrease. It is essential to have a temporary crown in the antrior area, for three main reas=ons. The first reason is aesthetic, obviously. Indeed, many patients are concerned not to have a hole in the mouth for several months. The second reason is practical. It is very difficlut to chew adequately if an anterior tooth is missing. The third reason is that without a temporary crown, the papilla resorbs very rapidly, which negatively affects the patient's smile in the long term.

Placement of one crown 


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