Placement of the prosthesis

Now that solid anchoring has been obtained, the time has come to shape the prosthsis

Around six appointments will be necessary in the case of complete prostheses.

At the first appointment, a primary print is taken. At the second appointment, a high-precision print will serve to accurately reproduce, on a stone model, the implant'S position and the shape of surrounding gums. Based on this model, an acrylic base will be built, capped with an easily modifiable wax bead.

At the third appointment, the dentist measures and determines directly in the mouth the exact location of each tooth to be replaced. The teeth must harmonize with the posotion of the lips, cheek, tongue, and opposite and adjacent teeth.

Then it is time to determine the shape, size, layout and colour of the new teeth. Here again, ggod communication between patient and dentist is important for obtaining the final outcome desired.

The patient expresses his preference either for a perfectly straight and white dentition or for a more natural-looking dentition. The dentist guides his patient while taking into acoount the age, morphology and functional parameters such as phonatio and chewing.

All these data will be used to accurately reproduce the patient's mouth an an articulator. The latter, adjusted to the patient's anatomical parameters, will accurately reproduce the movements of his lower jaw during chewing. Thus an aesthetic and effective dentition will be reconstructed.

At the fourth appointment, a test is performed on the teeth fastened on the implants. The dentist verifies with the patient wheter the installation of the teeth in the wax corresponds to the aesthetic and functional criteria to be met in his case. A second test is scheduled if major modifications to the installation are necessary.

The fifth appointment consists of testing the metal structure to be screwed directly to the abutments capping the implants. That structure will support the entire dentition. If the metal structure does not rest perfectly on the abutment


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