Maintenance and follow-up

The ensure the longevity of the investment you have made in your mouth, impeccable hygiene is necessary.

You have experienced all the stages of the treatment. It's up to you to ensure that your stable and high-quality prosthesis will be durable. To that end, excelent oral hygiene will be neccessary, as though you had your natural teeth.

Professional dental cleaning at the dentist's office is also part of implant care and should take place around twice a year. It is an ideal complement to home dental care. Regular professional dental cleaning is a determining factor in preserving implants and cannot be replaced by good dental care at home.

Professional dental cleaning eliminates bacteriel plaque deposits and tartar on teeth and implants, in locations that you can't access. But regular preventive dental appointments have other benefits:

  • The results of home dental care can be monitored.
  • The dental office team can give advice to improve dental care techniques.
  • Perimucositis and peri-omplantitis can be detedted and treated early.



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